ETC Maryland is proud to announce that it has added the popular Divi theme builder to its stable of value add-on services to its top tier hosting packages.  ETC Maryland provides three tiers of hosting services;

  1. Standard Hosting
  2. Enhanced WordPress Hosting
  3. Fully Manged WordPress Hosting

ETC MD’s hosting packages all come with the following features in common:

  1. No setup fees
  2. More than 40 scripts available for installation
  3. Dedicated IPV6 address for each account
  4. Free basic SSL by Let’s Encrypt
  5. Webalizer and AWstats analytics
  6. Triple nightly backups
  7. 14 day backup archive
  8. Encrypted FTP access
  9. Secured Virtualmin control panel access
  10. GZIP compression enabled tor educe your transfer usage

This is in addition to ETC Maryland’s Free domain privacy for all new domain registrations or transfers to ETC Maryland. ETC Maryland does not force the use of any of the themes or plugins offered as value addons.  When the account is handed over to you the option to use these products is totally up to you.  If you want to use them, feel free to activate them.  if you do not wish to use theme you can remove them as you wish.  Many of the larger hosting companies are now forcing the use of various plugins that either lock you into their ecosystems or make it very difficult to move if you decide to leave them.  Not only do we complete with them on price, we also do not try to either force the use of potentially unwanted plugins nor do we try to lock you into our system.  Full Details on all of our hosting services can be seen on our hosting page.