The past few months have been interesting. I was able to partner with a few companies that I am excited about, I added another web-server to my fleet, and have begun shifting my services to a more web hosting focus than the IT industry MSP focus.  It has taken a few years for me to find the new focus for ETC Maryland since my wife died.  She was the one who handled the administrative duties and I never really knew how much work that entailed…until she was gone.  I HAD to find something that would not chew up so much time on the back end so I could have time with my children and still get enough work to begin rebuilding my business.  MSP is sweeping across the IT landscape right now.  For me, It is not the business model to follow as it involves even more administrative procedures than the previous business I had been building with my wife.  I have spent the past few years searching for the answer to one question.  What am I going to do now?  It has taken me a long time but i finally figured out that running an MSP or even trying to grow the “Break/Fix” business I have…simply isn’t for me.  I have since discovered a couple of things.  First, i found that contracting myself out as a remote technician has become very rewarding.  It gives me the flexibility I need with how my life works now while allowing me to stretch myself.  I have found one MSP who has contracted me for multiple jobs.  This is one thing I am going to look to do more and more of.  Secondly, I found I am good with servers and web hosting is something I had been researching before my wife died.  I decided to jump into this highly crowded, highly competitive industry.  How does one differentiate oneself in this industry?  With superior value and a reasonable price.

I am going to consolidate my services under a new banner called Emmanuel Hosting.  Emmanuel Hosting will not participate in the race to the bottom.  I chose to focus on the one thing many other web hosts do not…data security.  If you look at the IT industry the biggest thing is backup, backup, backup.  How many web hosts offer truly multi-layer, multi location backup services as part of their base package?  Very few, and the biggest ones do not do it at all.  If you look at the site now it says Emmanuel Technology Consulting but the biggest feature on the site is my web hosting product.  That is soon going to be refocused in a new brand called Emmanuel Hosting.  Consulting services will be offered and will be listed on the Emmanuel Hosting site.

How does Emmanuel Hosting separate itself?

  1. Free SSL for all accounts.
  2. Free individual IPV6 address
  3. Triple layer, 14 day archive backup for all accounts
  4. Secured FTP access
  5. All account are jailed and isolated from each other.
  6. Multiple plans to suit your shared hosting needs.
  7. Highly competitive pricing with superior value adds.
  8. Dedicated servers and co-location are available upon request.
  9. The owner is your contact for any problems, questions, or sales questions.

Emmanuel Hosting is looking for web developers and individuals who want a host that is focused on WordPress hosting with a focus on your website’s data integrity.  Watch this space over the coming months as this site transforms from ETC Maryland to Emmanuel Hosting.