This project started moving forward once I saw the revenue numbers from ETC Maryland’s web hosting year to date.  To say the growth has been astounding is an understatement.  I also needed to upgrade the base operating system as I noted in this post.  I had also identified some deficiencies in the current Web1 that needed to be addressed.

My current Web1 machine is not under any real strain in terms of disk usage/performance, or ram usage, or CPU usage.  The one area i am seeing pressure is it’s outgoing connection to the Internet.  As my clients start to increase their traffic the amount of outgoing data is naturally increasing. I have been working with my datacenter provider on a new dedicated server.  I’ve been running this web1 for 2-3 years and during that time the available hardware has changed.  It has gotten newer..and my costs have stayed the same.  My datacenter informed me that I had a grandfathered account and during the past few years there have been a few price increases that I was insulated from(whew!).  The pricing for a new dedicated server is going to be much more expensive.  I took a look at the available options and yes..the costs for the hardware alone are quadruple what I was paying before.  i went about configuring the new machine to address the current web1’s biggest shortcoming..available outgoing network performance:

Dual Xeon CPU two generations newer than the current Web1
64 gigs of ram
Dual SSD drives in RAID 1
500 meg network connection vs 100 meg
Transfer allowance doubled from the current Web1.

The majority of the cost increase(and the largest performance enhancement) is the highly upgraded network connection and the large traffic allocation increase I bought with this server.  How is this going to go down?

  1.  After client notifications I will be taking a day to perform this migration.  I final backup will be made to the on prem backup server to prepare for the migration.
  2. The networking information from web1 will be transferred to the new machine..which will then become web1.
  3. The restoration process will be started and allowed to proceed
  4. Once the restoration is completed testing will be done to make sure all sites are correctly restored
  5. Once sites have been verified then web1 will be left online.  There will be no client interaction required as the dns information will not need to be changed.
  6. The current web1 will then be erased, reloaded with Ubuntu 20.04 and set as the on prem backup for web1.  it Will also handle some other backend services currently done by a undersized vps at the datacenter.
  7. Traffic transfer limits for all hosting accounts will be doubled.
  8. The completion timetable for this project is 60-90 days with a 7 day notification period for hosting clients.

After looking at my costs for these two servers this will be the last dedicated server I will rent.  The next upgrade will be two servers that i purchase and will co-locate at the datacenter.  The price for two co-located servers is now equal to the cost of two dedicated(rented) servers.  the next upgrade then can be my own machines that I can put there and not be bound by the DC’s inventory.  There’s pros and cons to both..which I will detail once I get the two new servers.  For now this will be another upgrade to keep my server(s) humming along without them getting overloaded and causing performance issues for my web hosting clients.