I’ve been working on hardware for quite a while.  I’ve seen my fair share of companies trying to keep folks out of their products.  Apple is at the top of this list in terms of difficulty in computer repair now.  I’ve had to accumulate quite a toolset for dealing with the various proprietary screws and connectors.  This is because Apple loves to keep non-Apple technicians out of their products.  Apple’s new philosophy seems to be: “when it breaks..don’t fix it..replace it.”  The newest Apple computers(2012 and newer) makes this situation worse.  To start with, all cover items are now glued together with strong glue or epoxy.  To just open an Apple to examine the parts is a laborious process.   Below is a case in point-my current patient below.

I am evaluating a late 2012 IMAC 27 inch beast.  The hard drive has failed in it.   If you own a 2012 or newer Mac your data IS at risk. Due to Apple making their entire product line nearly unserviceable without proprietary tools when your primary drive fails there’s no easy nor cheap way to recover the data.  ETC has a solution for this problem that can save you both money and the frustration of facing the permanent loss of your data.  For this to be effective you need to call BEFORE  your MAC starts exhibiting signs of distress. Please contact us for details.