To the point of saying that windows 7 is as dangerous as running windows xp.  Windows 7 is still supported for security updates and is no more dangerous to run than before.


To quote a MS marketing person:

Microsoft chief marketing officer Chris Capossela told a viewer on Twit TV: “We do worry when people are running an operating system that’s 10 years old that the next printer they buy isn’t going to work well, or they buy a new game, they buy Fallout 4, and it doesn’t work on a bunch of older machines.

“As we’re pushing our hardware partners to build great new stuff that takes advantage of Windows 10, that obviously makes the old stuff really bad, and not to mention viruses and security problems. So we really are trying to push people to get to Windows 10.”

This is, of course, complete bollocks. Fallout 4 works fine on Windows 7. Printers are more likely to work on Windows 7 than Windows 10 right now, and security protection for Windows 7 users will carry on until end-of-life in 2020.

But it now appears that Microsoft is so desperate to get people onto Windows 10 that it’ll make barefaced lies to viewers, most of whom probably know the Windows ecosystem better than Microsoft’s marketing department ever could.


I just found an article about how much more “data” Microsoft is collecting on it’s users.  Now with the latest upcoming major update Microsoft is now watching your usage in terms of your time usage of the operating system.  I said a while ago i find it hard to believe that Microsoft is going to simply give away 1/3 of their income.  I still believe this is a ploy for OAAS or windows in the cloud.