Intel is in full damage control mode about their hardware flaw….unfortunately they are trying to drag AMD down with them….however AMD is vulnerable only in its older CPU products.  Their latest product, XEN(or Ryzen) is not affected as of right now. This is an issue Intel created on its own…and the software development community went along for the ride for the sake of performance. Tomorrow…the full details should come out tomorrow..three CVE’s have already been assigned…we are awaiting the details on said CVE’s.  Once that becomes clear I will write up my own detailed analysis of this bug.  What Intel is NOT saying is that this cannot be patched in firmware, nor CPU microcode, or any other way except writing a purely software patch around this design flaw in Intel Chips.  The vulnerability is NOT workload dependent..the performance hit from the software patch that is incoming to mitigate this hardware flaw is what is workload dependent.  Stay tuned.