ETC Maryland takes server security seriously.  One way ETC Maryland provides is to make sure the Linux version used are Long Term Support releases.  This maintains the code base at a set level.  This also means a reduced bug count.  Sometimes this mean “old” versions of popular software like PHP stays in our systems.  The long term support channel means the distribution takes fixes for newer PHP(and other popular packages) versions and backports them into the “old” versions.  ETC Maryland usually maintains a 1-2 cycle on LTS OS version upgrades.  When a new LTS is released ETC Maryland also has to wait for our hosting software vendor to catch up and properly support the new version.  I have seen this take up to 6 months which sometimes means things like PHP go out of support.  As I mentioned above the distribution(in my case Ubuntu) makes sure any security issues with things like PHP that are found will get put into the current version of PHP they support…in this case PHP 7.2.x.  ETC Maryland is tentatively scheduled for an upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS early in 2021.  More to come as plans are finalized.