I had 1909 on my machine and it decided to upgrade to 20h2(mainly because i forgot to disable feature updates after some windows maintenance). Things immediately went downhill from there. I knew something was funky when it kept saying my E drive(my iscsi gamecache) drive was having problems. I checked with my FreeNAS box and everything was fine. It turns out 20h2 decided to start munching on the filesystem itself. Once the machine hung up and i restarted not only had the gamecache drive been so corrupted the partition was RAW instead of NTFS, it also munched the local drive as well. So what happened?  Imagine that..another buggy Windows update.  So the timeline began with 20h2 installing itself..then it “detected” a filesystem problem on the ISCSI drive and attempted to fix it..and not only ate the gamecache data but also wound up eating the local drive after a reboot or two as well.  I first found the story here at The Register.
Did i loose any data? NO! i logged into my storage system, found the most recent snapshot..and rolled the gamecache drive back to midnight. After dumping this machine again and reinstalling 1909(and disabling feature upgrades) I now have my gamecache drive back and unhurt..despite windows efforts to destroy everything. This is what my storage device can do for you both at home AND most importantly in your business. i was not doing anything that generated more data. If your need for data integrity is very high, snapshots can be done every 15 minutes if you’d like.