ETC Maryland will soon be a DBA of Emmanuel Technology Consulting.  As the business has grown the days of sole proprietorship are done.  This is going to allow ETC Maryland to grow further and serve clients with a wider selection of services.  It will also allow us to expand beyond Unifi for networking gear into other vendors when clients outgrow the Unifi line of products.  the owner/operator will still be me.  When you clal the number it will be me that answers the phone.  This is being done to better manage the increasing income being generated and make it easier for me to enter into business agreements with other businesses.  I am currently doing the incorporation/DBA process.  The DBA will mean i will be able to use my ETC Maryland trade name as a dba instead of having to rebrand everything with the Emmanuel Technology Consulting, INC. brand..saves me a ton of time, frustration, and of course cash..:)