I just finished loading up Windows 7 onto my core celeron 1.6 ghz laptop.  2 gigs of ram and a 80 gig hard disk.  All I can say is..wow.  In terms of speed it’s much much faster than vista.  it’s not XP class speed but for a beta form Microsoft it’s very well polished.

First of all it is actually vista 2.0.  It still have the vista interface and the vista DRM infestation.  What’s changed though is they have made some significant changes under the hood.  The system is much snappier and doesn’t just hang for no reason while nailing the cpu and hard drive forever.  Networking is actually useable with UAC on and the system doesn’t nag you to death about doing menial tasks.  I have installed Firefox and flash right now with no issues whatsoever.  I’ll keep you posting as my beta testing continues.