I was excited about carbonite.  The backup side works great…the restore is a disaster.  Two days after a server crash and i am waiting on carbonite to give me back my files.  SBS 2008 backup sucks for DR and i was depending on carbonite to save my behind.  After days of waiting and watching carbonite stay at zero percent and stop restoring i did some searching.  Carbonite does not clearly say there’s a 50 gig limit or they throttle you to less than dialup.  I have also seen numerous complaints about the restore process being slow or not working at all.

I wound up having to nuke half of my backup(luckily i had backed up those files to another usb drive) that brought my backup form 74 gigs to 30 gigs.  We will see if carbonite goes beyond 5.2k files this time before dying.

It looks like i won’t be using carbonite for any of my clients….also Leo laporte needs to get off hte carbonite bandwagon.  I am curious if he has actually tried to restore anything using carbonite yet?

*update* nope carbonite is a total failure.  I am now having to do a manual restore from my sbs backup in a way it wasn’t designed to do.  I hope i can get my data back this way at least.