I have spent the past few days working with level .5 techs(in terms of the knowledge of their own product) trying to get carbonite to restore the data it so willingly allowed me to upload.  Nowhere on the site does it mention a 50 gig cap and then they slow you down below dialup speeds.  Nor do they tell you that once the restore goes bad it’s going to take tons and tons of e-mails with you getting canned non-helpful suggestions.  Only after i finally uninstalled carbonite and contacted the CEO and started posting my negative reviews did they FINALLY give me some advanced things to try..by this time i was done and was working on my recovery from the .vhd file.

I just got an e-mail from carbonite..they ahve given me a full refund and have kept the account active..I can’t trust my data to them so it’s going to be an empty sheel from now on.

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