I was presenting a seminar on data encryption and security and I got caught now knowing some commercial FDE products other than what is built into Vista and 7.  As per my word here are some vendors I would reccomend simply based on either their security reputation or personal experince with other products:


1. Mcafee Endpoint Encryption  (I have used other Mcafee products in the past with good results)

2.  Checkpoint Full Disk Encryption  (The checkpoint compny has one of the best security reputations in the industry)

3.  Symnatec Endpoint Encryption  (Symantec may have lowered detection rates on their a/v but several of their other products including this one are top notch)

 I have migrated away from Truecrypt not because it was bad security but the Bitlocker built into certain Vista and 7 editons just makes it easy…and it just works.