The Iphone 4 is going to gobble video like there’s no tomorrow..AT&T’s response?  Let’s push everyone into high per/gigabyte overage buckets and rake in the cash.  My question is…how long until folks wise up to the scam and drop their iphone plans altogether?  We are going to see lots of stories about folks complaining..and not taking responsibility for their continuing to do business with AT&T…If you have the chance you have two choices….stay on your current 5 gig “unlimited” plan or you can get the new features and pay more than double.  Frankly?  I would would choose neither.  The cell carriers are only raping folks like they did with the landlines.  The only to reign them in is to not use these “smartphones”.  Right now the plans behind the phones are nothing but huge scams.

iPhone 4 Will Mercilously Obliterate Your AT&T Caps – Which is just the way AT&T wants it… –