PERC S300 – can it be made to work?.

I saw this on the Dell Linux mailing list.  I did a bit of research and found this is a windows only FAKERAID product.  What I mean by FAKERAID is the card fakes like it is a raid card but all of the work is done on the cpu.  Because of this the driver is proprietary and in this case windows only.  If you want a RAID card make sure it is really a hardware raid card.  If you can’t spend that kind of money use the Linux built in RAID which is much more efficient than any FAKERAID.  Windows also has software raid that’s quite a bit more efficient than this FAKERAID.  If you read the pdf you’ll see that htis is actually a DESKTOP product(the h55 is a desktop chipset form Intel) so it really has no business in servers.  PDF detailing the S Series is here.