I had my server setup as best as i could.  I had a RAID 1 mirror on both of my drives.  Not only that I had shadow copies being made on the array.  Finally I had everything being backed up to an external hard drive.  Last night my server started acting funny.  Putting a ear next to it revealed what I thought at second glance:  I had a hard disk failing.  Luckily the system had backed itself up the night before and i had not added any new files since then.  “No problem”, I thought “I’ll just boot off the mirror drive and move right along”.  Well of course the drive had totally gone offline, broken the mirror and all attempts to resynch the two had failed.  This means my mirror copy was corrupted beyond usefulness.  It also turns out that the Microsoft server backup in server 2008 foundation is about as useful as it is inside of SBS2k8..aka it isn’t a viable DR recovery option.  Twice now it’s proven this to me.  So now I rebuild from scratch and manually restore..:)  At least I can recover using the backup this time..just folder by folder..:)