ECC is currently embroiled in a dispute with my phone provider Sprint-Nextel.  ECC may loose phone service during this time.  If you try to call and cannot get through please use the contact form on this site to reach me.  My internet is NOT through Sprint and continues to work without incident.


William Warren

Owner:  Emmanuel Computer Consulting, L.L.C.

As I’ve noted Sprint really sucks.  Well they have taken things to a new low.  My coverage has always been nearly unusable.  Well it only took 7 years but they finally sent me their cellular booster(femtocell) called the Airave.  It worked great until Sprint screwed up my account and now i don’t have any service account on said device.  I now have to unplug the power form the femtoo just to use the cruddy signal we’ve had forever.  We have an invoice coming due and we have decided to nOT pay it..so our service may go pooofies.  If it does contact me here or at eccmd.com.