I just did my annual update to the Linux Counter Project which is located at counter.li.org.  Once i finished my updates I was quote shocked at what I found.  Out of all the machines I manage in one form or another(at least server wise) more than 90% are Linux boxes.  Some of my clients have two Linux servers.  Desktops are overwhelmingly Windows however.  Out of 13 servers 10 of them run Linux.  That’s quite amazing when you think of it.  I did not have any agenda when doing this..i simply chose what i felt was the best tool for the job.  Of those 10 Linux boxes there’s 4 dedicated firewalls, 1 web hosting server, three file servers, and one dedicated mailserver.  The distributions represented are Astaro(1), Untangle(3), Debian(2), Centos(1)(running the Zimbra Groupware Suite), SME(1), and Zentyal(2), of former e-box fame.  That’s an amazing variety that I was quite surprised to see presented.  Going about my daily business it’s easy to not really realize your layouts sometimes until you do an independent audit like this and then have it stare back at you..:)

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