HB Gary gets further isolated.  One of the two other companies that assisted HB Gary in it’s illegal witch hunt has now apologized and “severed all ties” to HB Gary.  My question is…why would anyone do business with these companies now anyway?  I understand if you had a court order and were doing this legally.  However the previous article i linked clearly shows this was not a legally authorized set of actions.  Apologies are good..what about prosecutions for the illegal activities for all of the companies involved?  I can tell you had it been my little one man operation that tried something like this the FBI would be ramming my door in to carry me away instantly.  So far nothing from these large companies.  Let’s go FBI..it’s time for the prosecutions…unless the gov’t really was complicit on this..then there’s a ton of folks that needs to have some irons slapped on them.  Here’s the presentation used to “detail” the threat of Wikileaks.

It’s been a long week for security firm HBGary.First the loose hacker group Anonymous retaliated against one of the firm’s employees investigating Anonymous by hacking into the corporation’s servers and spilling 50,000 emails onto the Web. Then a string of those stolen emails revealed a proposal by the firm and two others to launch a campaign of illegal cyberattacks and calculated misinformation against WikiLeaks and its supporters.Now, just a few days later, one of those firms, Palo Alto-based Palantir, has publicly cut ties with HBGary and apologized for its role in the WikiLeaks response plan, essentially verifying the reality of that plan and isolating HBGary further.In a statement to the press, Palantir chief executive Alex Carp writes, “I have directed the company to sever any and all contacts with HBGary.” Karp adds that “Palantir Technologies does not build software that is designed to allow private sector entities to obtain non-public information, engage in so-called ‘cyber attacks’ or take other offensive measures. I have made clear in no uncertain terms that Palantir Technologies will not be involved in such activities.”

via Palantir Apologizes For WikiLeaks Attack Proposal, Cuts Ties With HBGary – Andy Greenberg – The Firewall – Forbes.