I tire of the MS lockin.  What I’ve done is begun to build another deployment option for my clients( all of which are under 10 users.  For now i’ll user server 2008 for authentication and file/print sharing…in a vm.  Another vm holds a vmware appliance running zimbra collaboration suite.  I get 90% of the SBS functions for nothing.  All i have to do is then backup two vmware images which easily compress by a factor of 2-5.  Done..and it’s highly portable to new hardware if something bad happens to the host box.  Once Samba 4 gets done I won’t need MS for the main server either..then i can run everything under one Linux VM and only have one vm to backup.  I’m hoping to procure a fast host server to test this on both on my network and my “guinea pig” network..:)  I already have a non-virtual version of this running at my church(one physical box running server 2003..another physical server running centos 5.5 with Zimbra Collaboration Suite).  My goal is to get these two virtualized on one box..:)  The ultimate goal is for the whole thing to be Linux based.

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