clients with ATT DSL or UVERSE please read the bolded area.  If you are heavily into p2p or online movies(like youtube or netflix) this most likely will impact you.  Keep in mind you only have to breach the cap 3 times per the lifetime you have the service..not per month to get charged overages now.  I’ve been working under a 250 monthly cap now for a while with Comcast but not with the onerous overages ATT is doing.


Broadband Reports was the first to learn, and has confirmed with AT&T, that the company will be implementing a new 150GB monthly usage cap for all DSL customers and a new 250 GB cap on all U-Verse users starting on May 2. From March 18 to March 31, AT&T users are going to be receiving notices informing them of the change in the company’s terms of service. AT&T spokesman Seth Bloom confirmed the news to Broadband Reports after we initially contacted him last Friday concerning a leaked copy of the upcoming user notification. According to Bloom, the cap will involve overage charges. However, only users who consistently exceed the new caps will have to deal with these charges.

This is how it will work: only users who exceed the new usage cap three times — across the life of your account, not per month — will be forced to pay these new per byte overages. Overages will be $10 for every 50GB over the 150 GB or 250GB limit they travel.

AT&T claims their average DSL customer uses around 18GB a month, and these changes will only impact about 2% of all DSL customers — who the company states consume “a disproportionate amount of bandwidth.”

“Using a notification structure similar to our new wireless data plans, we’ll proactively notify customers when they exceed 65%, 90% and 100% of the monthly usage allowance,” AT&T tells us. The company also says they’ll provide users with a number of different usage tools, including a usage monitor that tracks historical usage over time, and a number of different usage tools aimed at identifying bandwidth-hungry services.

via Exclusive: AT&T To Impose Caps, Overages – Notices To Go Out This Week, Capping Begins May 2 |, ISP Information.