It is going to come to pass that the best place to have your data is back on your own systems where you control the security.  The cloud with it’s high level of centralization is going to mean your data is just waiting to be stolen.


Matt Johansen, a researcher with WhiteHat Security, found a flaw in a Chrome OS note-taking application and used it to take control of a Google email account. He reported it to Google, which fixed the problem and gave him a $1000 reward for pointing it out, but Johanson said that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

He claims that there will be a whole new field of malware developed to mine web-centric software.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, he said that the secret to hacking Chrome OS is to capture data as it travels between the Chrome browser and the cloud. Until now hackers have targeted data that sits on a machine’s hard drive.

He said that if hackers can get at your online banking or your Facebook profile, or your email as it is being loaded in the browser, they could not care less what’s on the hard drive.

via Google’s cloud is wide open – Insecurity expert warns of extension perils | TechEye.