Business consultants…..nough said.  I have a client that has been scammed into going all cloud.  This consultant believe in no servers, no central logins and no local storage of anything.  I know this “practice management” company is totally based in the cloud.  They use purely a web based interface to do everything.  This provider also no backup local access for WHEN there is a loss of connectivity between themselves and the client.  It is only a matter of time before her entire practice is compromised.  Considering that “the cloud” is based on the broken concept of third part trust(just google diginotar or you can look here) it is a given that it will work for a bit.  What happens when the cloud goes down?  What happens if this provider is crap(like her last cloud vendor is) and there’s no standards based way to export her practice’s data?  She’s going to face that migrating from one cloud provider to the new one.  I wish her luck.  She’s going to need it.