I got Hyper-v working finally here at my office.  I now have one box hosting 3 virtual mahcines.  VM 1 is my Astaro firewall.  VM 2 is my main AD file/print/authentication server.  VM 3 is my Astaro Command Center which aggregates status and updates from my astaro and my other client installs to me.  This allows me to monitor all of my Astaro easily in one spot without having to constantly individually touch each machine.  My power usage used to idle at nearly 130 watts.  My idle power now hovers around 60 watts.  I now average less than 90 watts which means nearly half of my power budget is now gone.  The host machine is running server 2008 R2 enterprise with Hyper-v.  It has three physical nics.  It also mirrors all functions of the main server except for file serving.

As for resource allocation here is the breakdown:

VM1: 4 vcpus, 2 gigs of ram(static), 3 virtual nics, 80 gigs of dynamic storage on RAID 1, 25% total system cpu ghz reserved with the ability to burst to 50% usage with medium priority.

VM2: 2 vcpus, 2 gigs ram(static), 1 virtual nic, 500 gigs of dynamic storage assigned on it’s own raid 1 array,  0% cpu reservation with burst to 25% cpu with medium priority.

VM3:  4 vcpus, 1 gig ram(static), 1 virtual nic, 120 gigs of dynamic RAID 1 storage, 0% cpu reservation with burst to 25%.


Right now the host machine spends most of it’s time at idle.  Considering how little power this draws it will pay for itself in under 1 year.