Not too long after the market punished the Hard Disk industry for dropping warranties before the industry is now moving to cratering hard disk warranties again.  I bet they are going to be introducing a new technology for manufacturing hard disks and they are dropping the warranties until the industry works the bugs out.  Be forewarned and check the length of the warranty of any hard disk you buy.  If it isn’t at least 3 years i would not buy it.


Some desktop and notebook barebones drives will have their warranties slashed from 5 years to 1 year.

Last week, Western Digital revealed that it was cutting the warranty on its Caviar Blue/Green and Scorpio Blue drives from three years to two years. Now, it looks like Seagate just couldn’t stand by and let Western Digital have all fun when it comes to cutting hard drive warranties.


The Register is reporting that Seagate is upping the ante by slashing some warranties from five years down to one year. Here are some of the “highlights” of the warranty cuts:

Constellation 2 and ES.2 drives: 5 years reduced to 3 years

Barracuda and Barracuda Green drives: 5 years reduced to 1 year

Barracuda XT: 5 years reduced to 3 years

Momentus 2.5-inch (5400 and 7200rpm): 5 years reduced to 1 year

Momentus XT: 5 years reduced to 3 years

via DailyTech – Seagate Joins Western Digital in HDD Warranty Massacre, Doubles Down with 1-Year Warranties.