This thing is quite huge..and fascinating.  It’s amazing how many folks are acting surprised at how this thing evaded all current security current a/v.  i am constantly wiping machines with malware that has gone around any a/v.  this is not news.  Also the main downloaded module that really gets this thing moving uses….wait for it…..ActiveX.  yes that wonderful thing Microsoft did saying..we are going to run internet based code as SYSTEM at ring 1 or zero.  Eventually ActiveX has to die.  Flame is fascinating is what it does and the fact is comes with SqlLite to generate a database of everything it collects..which is highly extensive.  Read the linked wikipedia article about what all this thing can do.  Also read this pdf from time to time because pdf document is being updated regularly.  If you are unlucky enough to have this on your systems you can be certain your entire network and everything you have on said network is now owned by somebody else.