Once you put something in the cloud it really isn’t yours anymore.  This includes gmail which i do use for my e-mail services.  However for me i do NOT send anything critical via e-mail.  If it critical or sensitive i talk to them voice.  Loosing e-mail would suck..but it would not be the end of my business. 

Speaking of that cloud where you have no control and horrendous things that can happen, tech journalist and former Gizmodo staffer Matt Honan just suffered a horrible hack. Through him,Gizmodo’s Twitter account was hacked too and spewing foul-mouthed and racist tweets. Although the hijacked Gizmodo account seems to have been compromised by hacker group Clan Vv3, Honon blames Apple tech support for all of it.

“I was hacked. Hard,” admittedHonan who now writes for Wired. “At 4:50 PM, someone got into my iCloud account, reset the password and sent the confirmation message about the reset to the trash,” he wrote. “At 4:52 PM, they sent a Gmail password recovery email to the .mac account. Two minutes later, an email arrived notifying me that my Google Account password had changed. At 5:00 PM, they remote wiped my iPhone. At 5:01 PM, they remote wiped my iPad. At 5:05, they remote wiped my MacBook Air. A few minutes after that, they took over my Twitter. Because, a long time ago, I had linked my Twitter to Gizmodo’s they were then able to gain entry to that as well.”


Woz says the cloud is horrendous & Wired reporters iCloud gets hacked hard | Computerworld Blogs.