I’m not a huge fan of the cloud. It is based on simply refarmed mainframe technology and based on a broken security model. However for those who really make the jump to a truly all cloud system there’s one major benefit. Your desktop software costs go to zero…literally. Allow me to explain.

If you truly decide that you are going to go everything in the cloud(and I mean browser based clouds not one you need to run a program that connects to the cloud) then you no longer have to deal with Microsoft. This also means you don’t have to buy 350 dollar Office suites anymore either. Also all of your other desktop software? Also zero. How do we operate then with our towers and whatnot? I have one word for you:


I know that sends shockwaves but it’s not crazy talk. Guess what runs most of the home routers? How about your HDTV? Guess what runs nearly 25% of the high powered core routers in the world? Linux or BSD. Linux is in more places than you think. It’s free, efficient, stable, and very flexible and secure by nature. Almost half of the cell phones in the world are powered by Linux(andriod) while nearly the other half is powered by it’s cousin BSD UNIX(IOS). What if your cloud doesn’t have an Office Suite? The answer is Libreoffice which runs even better under Linux than Windows.

I have a client that is merging with a firm that is nearly 100% cloud based. There’s only three things holding him back from converting fully to Linux once the move to the cloud is completed:

1. Quickbooks cloud just sucks right now
2. No viable replacement for Quickbooks in any form that I am aware of
3. Printer compatibility.

That’s it. The Linux printing can be solved though..I just haven’t started the research yet. Brands like HP and Lexmark are widely known for good Linux support…:) Microsoft can’t command the same prices for their stuff in the cloud…folks won’t pay it. As long as your cloud vendor isn’t charging excessive money then loosing Microsoft on the desktop is now a real option for many businesses.