Unfortunately this has nothing to do with Internet security and nothing to do with virus attacks.  This DOES secure your router..but only goes onto the surface.  The SSID does NOTHING to discourage casual driveby snooping and poking at your settings.  Also putting your security cameras into the DMZ is good ONLY if they support secured communications.  Unfortunately most do not.  You are now leaving a way for folks to get at your camera and peer into your home or business.  Not a good idea.  Changing the default admin password however is a must and needs to be a good, strong password.  Anything over 8 characters is good.  Choose a section from GRC’s password generation page for good password.  For the full skinny on proper security for both your home and business contact ECC for details.  here are the basics on not getting infected.  You can also read all of my security related posts on my site’s blog page.


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