Small Businesses are increasingly the targets of more and more sophisticated malware and fraud attempts due to the fact most of them have the attitude, “i’m too small for them to care”.  However since they are the least secure and the easiest to take down they are the ones getting hit.  i do not want to see another SMB get nailed and I am doing all i can to dispel this dangerous mythical attitude.  From subway store wifi takeovers(in which the pos machines are then compromised) to malware installs on company computers to enable bank fraud(of which most is NOT covered under Federal anti-fraud rules so the loss is borne by the business) the time for SMB’s to become much more aware of their own vulnerability is right now.  It’s time to wake and realize the “small guys” are the primary targets now.  The big news folks will only report of big compromises..but most fraud is actually against the little folks…that’s where the real money is.  This isn’t fear…this is fact.  read further on the linked site about more SMB’s getting will hopefully open your eyes.


The Scrap Value of a Hacked PC, Revisited — Krebs on Security.