I have a client’s laptop and he has windows 8 on it….of course he hates it.  So i advised either take the laptop back or buy windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 7.  I’ve been trying for a couple of hours just to get into the UEFI in this thing…finally found it in the insanity that is windows 8.  Once i finally got it to boot to the dvd…guess what?  The screen shifts to a red box that says secure boot failed operating system is invalid.  This machine is so locked down YOU CAN’T INSTALL ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE PREINSTALLED WINDOWS 8.      So now my clients have something to think about:

1.  Stick with Windows 8.

2.  Take the machine back

3.  Buy an Apple

4.  Have ecc build you a tower that doesn’t have this crazy lockin.

5. Hope the vendor gave you an option to kill secure boot so you have control of your computer.


Luckily in this case i was able to kill secure boot so i could wax the hard drive and put a real operating system on the machine.