I’ve noticed that both on the Internet and in my own experience IOS 7 is quote the battery hog.  After some research I did the following to my wife’s Iphone 5:

1.  Disabled Airdrop

2. Removed as many of the animations as possible

3.  Reduced the apps allowed to run in the background to only the ones she really wants to be updated in the background.

4.  Disable IOS7 passcode lock screen(this is the new one)

My wife noticed this helped but not a noticeable amount.  She still could not make it through a day without looking for a charge.  I ran across this next trick quite by accident.

A couple of days ago we found one of several changes to IOS that 7 brings is that texts and other things will not be read to you through your bluetooth with the passcode enabled so  I disabled the passcode off her lock screen.  She was happy to get some of her IOS6 functionality back.  Today my wife remarks that since the passcode was removed that under her normal usage she has noticed greatly improved battery life.  Right now i’m holding the IP5 and it has 50% battery remaining and it has not been charged since we woke up this morning.  I don’t know why this works but for at least my wife’s IP5 this has led to a drastic increase in battery life…almost back to IOS 6 levels.  Keep in mind this does reduce your device security(not like a 4 digit passcode is that effective).

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