I’ve finally have items organized in my head. This is an outline for my cloud computing essay. Here is my outline for now.


How cloud computing is presented:

1.  Marketing usually presents cloud computing as “The wave of the future!”

2.  It is the way to “modernize” current computing strategies.

3.  “Cloud computing will replace the archaic enterprise infrastructure”(client/server).

4.  Moving this to cloud computing means lower costs and higher availability, therefore driving up productivity.


What is the reality?:

1.  Cloud computing is nothing more than old dumb terminals and mainframes from the 1960’s put onto the Internet.

2.  Application  and web based clouds represent point 1… web based is even more as it is a simple rehash of this 1960’s technology.

3.  Security concerns continues to be a pernicious problem for all cloud computing services.


Security risks:

1.  HUGE dependence on SSL with third party certifications.  Explain how the third party system is really and truly broken.

2.  Ease of system compromise.  Application based is still vulnerable.. browser based is even more vulnerable.

3.  Centralization of information with many users in one spot connecting to the internet is a large risk as well (All eggs in one basket).


Business Risks:

1. Protected data leaks onto internet.  Explain what happened to one of my clients.(who is no longer in business after state, local, and federal authorities stepped in.)

2.  Internet outages can(and usually do) mean the complete loss of access to your data.

3.  Data center outages can mean the loss of your data.

4.  Cloud vendors do not consistently provide a way for you to keep a copy in case of a major failure.

5.  Can you get your data out of the providers systems in an easily convertible format?  The answer is not even consistently yes.

6.  Describe the roach motel mentality of many “higher end” cloud computing providers.

7.  Control of YOUR data on a cloud provider is YOUR responsibility..not the cloud providers under many laws.

8. Encryption of data at rest, in transit, and within backups


Cloud Computing Positives:

1.  Costs can be lower.

2. Less dependence on classic enterprise infrastructure

3.  Software updates handled by vendor.

4.  Good for non-critical or sensitive data.

5.  Good for off-site backups as long as high-grade encryption is involved.