I have an entire section of this blog devoted to the cloud. I has gotten so bad it’s impossible to post quickly enough to keep up.  Icloud as soon as it launched I figured was going to be a disaster, especially with how little Apple has really valued security.  they are a company of convenience not security.  Their Icloud can EASILY be cracked with a simple tool by Elcommsoft which is available for purchase right now.  The only way to harden their security is to turn on two factor security.  If Apple was really devoted to security that would have been on by default AND they would have hardened Icloud at the get go.  Apple’s current noises about how they cannot unlock your phone is bogus as well.  If you get the physical machine the phone was paired with getting to the data is child’s play…AND of course Icloud data is accessible to Apple at all times.  If you are backing up your phone to Icloud you have ZERO security from Apple(or whomever they decide to sell your data too).  The ONLY way to not have your data on your phone compromised is to NOT sync with a pc and NOT use Icloud.  You also have to enable the passcode and make it more than 10 digits of Alpha numeric random data for it to be nearly impossible to be broken.  High security is the opposite of high useability..you really can’t have both at the same time.  It is always a tradeoff.