I am expanding on my previous post.

I am saying this because “net neutrality” states that broadband providers cannot slow down traffic and allow other traffic to go faster so that all traffic is at the same priority.  There’s a huge issue with that which NOBODY is talking about.  Allow me to elaborate.

There is a technology called QOS or Quality of Service.  This allows  a network operator to give different kinds of traffic a higher priority on the network than other traffic.  I use QOS extensively on my client networks especially the ones that are using Voice Over IP or VOIP.  VOIP traffic is EXTREMELY sensitive to network conditions so it is nearly always granted the highest priority on a network.  This also means that other traffic is slowed down or even stopped to make sure that VOIP has the low latency and the bandwidth required for proper operation.  Many online video conferencing systems are also prioritized in this way.

What does this means to you individually?  Not necessarily a whole bunch..kind of.  Comcast uses it’s data network for it’s phone service…aka VOIP.  With net neutrality now in place it cannot use QOS in any way to prioritize that data.  This is going to mean that you WILL have dropped packets(breaking up), higher latency(count to 2-5 before you can talk back as you wait for your data to get to that customer aka satellite Internet service), and sometimes even lost connections(aka your link get too congested for traffic to get through before it times out).  Comcast now has only two ways to deal with this and both of them cost you money.  They either massively increase the network connections to other networks(which drastically increases their costs so you pay more), or they will begin offering lower speed service tiers and force folks on the higher tiers to either downgrade or pay more(both of which cost you more money).  You can add the name of any service provider in place of Comcast and it is the same thing.  Also consider the rules apply to wireless providers including cellular and you are going to see a slew of negative, more expensive effects.  The companies are saying it is no problem for them because they are going to push the costs for these rules onto the consumers and businesses.  Enjoy