First and foremost I positively DO NOT AGREE WITH the solution advocated by the guest in terms we have the gov’t take over this.  All we have to do is look at obamacare or any other area the gov’t runs to see how well that is going to go.  I also do not agree with some of the solutions the author advocates.  Sometimes turning of the internet connections is going to take your business offline.  It also can INCREASE your susceptibility to threats mainly because if your computer is off it cannot update itself which is a fundamental process for security.  We do need more folks who know the basics.  While i am in the business to make money i also try my best to educate my clients about the hazards of online life.  The biggest thing i hear is i’m small so why would cyber criminals come after me?  Do you own a cellphone?  ALL smartphones/tablets/gaming consoles/ televisions..among others all run either linux, windows, ios(which is a unix derivative) or some kind of operating system.  This means these things are…computers and are subject to compromise.  They are literally after everyone.  it’s deeper than that though.  There is VALUE for criminals in your computer itself.  Please contact me for tips on prevention or if you need help.

1.  Do you shop online?

2.  Do you do banking online?

3.  Is/are your vendor/vendors connected to the internet?

4.  how can my computer be used in other nefarious ways?

5.  Do you have a smartphone?

The online criminals are after your home routers,  your computer, your e-mail addresses, online advertisers, your phone apps.  This is the same for whether you are a small business or a large corporation you are wanted to steal whatever information you have.  The market for all of your information no matter how inane is being pooled.  Big Data which you all hear about is both the corporations we interact with every day but also by “cyber” criminals.  Keep in mind the cloud is also used by criminals to launch their activities as well.  Listen/watch to the interview below for the full details.

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