It was a matter of time.  Windows 8 did not present the other lockout problem we thought it would but Windows 10 is much more likely.  If you buy a PC from Dell, HP, or anyone else who pre-loads windows you are locked into whatever Version of Windows is installed.  The OEM has the choice to alow you to disable secureboot or not.  If they don’t well then…..

Want to install Linux?  Nope

Want to install Windows 7?  Nope

Did you get a pc with windows 10 home and want to install Windows professional?  Nope.

Unless the company that built to pc allows it you can’t.  So if you want a new machine you will need to look for somebody who is not interested in locking you into their hardware and their technical support.  You want to have your PC built by a company that is interested in your choices AND gives you the ability to change whatever you want about the machine.  That is going to be a company like mine Emmanuel Technology Consulting.  You won’t have to worry about IF I will activate that option because i won’t.  Any parts manufactures that try that nonsense won’t go into a machine I build.


Windows 10 to lock out Linux with non-disableable Secure Boot.

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