There are quite a few businesses that allow this software on their machines.  I would HIGHLY advise Itunes be removed from ALL company pc’s immediately and never be allowed to return.

Just read this excerpt:

The whole iTunes Match and Apple Music thing is confusing. Apple says they are “independent but complementary,” and, on first glance, they look quite similar. But when you look closely, they are very different.

Both match your iTunes library and store your purchases. Both allow you to access these files, and listen to them, on multiple devices. But with iTunes Match, when you download a matched or uploaded file, you get either the iTunes Store matched copy, or the copy that iTunes uploaded of your original file.

When you match and download files from iCloud Music Library (without having an iTunes Match subscription), however, you get files with DRM; the same kind of files you get when you download files from Apple Music for offline listening. (These files should have DRM, so you can’t just download and keep all the music you want for $10 a month.) But if you’re using Apple Music, and not iTunes Match, Apple doesn’t make a distinction between which files were originally yours, and which you downloaded for offline listening from Apple Music.

This means that if you’ve matched your library with Apple Music and iCloud Music Library, you need to keep backups of your original files. If not, you’ll end up with files that you can’t play without an Apple Music subscription.

So think carefully if you plan to use iCloud Music Library.


Read the rest of the article…carefully.  most of my music in my library is MINE.  I still have the cd’s upstairs in a plastic tub some from more than 15 years ago.  I had the heebie jeebies about this release with Apple Music.  Now I know why.  This isn’t Job’s Apple anymore this is the PC Apple now so they are going to kowtow to anybody who either makes enough noise or threatens enough.  Not only am i going to not be installing 12.2 on any machine i own it will be removed from all pc’s in this house as well.  yes i have backups but frankly if i can stop this now and not have to rebuild from backups why would i?


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