There is more read the linked article.  I noted a while back twice aobut my misgivings about Windows 10.  One is the trademark for Windows 365 and the other is my general feeling about this Free Windows giveaway not smelling right.  Unless something comes out from Microsoft about this the linked article simply confirms my suspicions.


Windows 10 is famously ‘free’, but Microsoft has been worryingly silent about just how free it really is. Now, only 17 days before release, leaks suggest ‘free’ Windows 10 might not be a good deal at all…The news comes from ComputerWorld which attained Microsoft internal slides that strongly suggest many Windows 10 owners will have to start paying to receive updates within two years. The key lines ComputerWorld discovered are:“Revenue allocated is deferred and recognized on a straight-line basis over the estimated period the software upgrades are expected to be provided by estimated device life…. [The estimated device life] can range from two to four years.”‘Device life’ is the key phrase here. Microsoft has already stated revenue earned from Windows 10 must be deferred because of the free upgrade model (cash isn’t taken upfront), but it repeatedly stressed Windows 10 owners can expect to get free updates for the “supported lifetime of the device”.The problem is Microsoft hadn’t defined how long the ‘supported lifetime of the device’ will be and now we see it: “two to four years”.Edit: I am in ongoing communication with Microsoft and it states the slides in question are from a financial analyst briefing which did not focus on the servicing model. I have asked for clarification of the terms used in these slides including “supported lifetime of the device” but have been told Microsoft is “not yet sharing full details of the service model”.With Windows 10 going on sale in just over two weeks I have asked Microsoft to reconsider and will update if it does.

Source: ‘Free’ Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal