I recently acquired a Microsoft Surface 3.  I did not opt for the pro simply because with the current generation of CPU offerings from Intel I was sure the core I-5 was not needed for my purposes.  I mainly use my laptop for troubleshooting, network diagnostics, network equipment configuration and other lightweight tasks.  My old laptop was 7-8 pounds and had a core I-3 with sub 2 hour battery life.  I got tired of carrying that thing around.  I have been messing with the Surface ever since the 2 came out but the 3 is where I made the decision to go ahead and purchase.

This is a full Windows PC in a 10.1 form factor running Windows 10 home.  I have the option of using Full Disk encryption out of the box if I wish.  This unit has 128 GB of SSD storage.  This litter bugger opens Quickbooks files without a hugely crushing delay(nothing about Quickbooks is instant) and i have my full copy of Office Pro Plus on here as well.  Of course the obligatory AVG security is on here as well with zero noticeable performance impact.  For all intents and purposes I no longer need my big bulky laptop anymore.  With its built in stand, USB expandibility and micro DisplayPort for adding a monitor I can do full PowerPoint presentations just as if i had my big laptop.  If you need something more powerful the pro is available as well.  For me I’ll be putting my own copy of Windows 10 on here and make the home version disappear.

In summary if you are a small business and want something that can be properly secured, totally integrated with you Active Directory and security infrastructure contact ETC for a consultation on how a Microsoft Surface might be a good fit for your business.

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