I was simply stunned by this.  If you buy the newest processors from Intel and AMD or anyoneMicrosoft is now saying you have 18 months to upgrade your desktops/laptop/workstations to Windows 10 or you loose updates.  The best line is the one bout we will give you updates if they do not compromise the systems stability.  What a joke.  It gets a bit better.  To quote the Ars Technica Article, “Going forward, the company says that using the latest generation processors will always require the latest generation operating system.”  So if you want to keep your windows updated you MUST buy new hardware every time Intel or AMD or ARM or whatever releases new hardware?  Holy crap batman.  if this is true the days of 7-10 year old pc’s is being killed dead.  One can only hope this means folks will finally begin pushing the Adobe’s, Oracles, Intuits of the world to take Linux seriously.  For businesses…watch out your 7 year cycle of pc upgrades just became 2-4 year at the most.  This means if you want to truly keep your Windows supported with security updates on Windows 7 and 8.1 you cannot use the newest upcoming hardware from anyone or you are forced onto the Windows 10 train AND you will be forced onto an upgrade cycle dictated by Microsoft and the hardware companies….if you want to continue to use Microsoft.

Server 2008(windows 7) and server 2012(Windows 8.1) are based on the same codebase.  Is Microsoft going to do the same thing here?  If so I bet server sales will halt as folks will refuse to buy the latest hardware if they are forced to upgrade to the newest server 2016. Considering the enormous expense of upgrading workstation hardware and software(from purely a labor cost perspective) licensing costs will go through the roof as well.  That’s nothing compared to the licensing expense for upgrades regarding servers with the licensing terms Microsoft and other big vendors typically require.

Now things are really interesting.  How long before Intel and AMD and ARM simply discontinue their current generation lines and throw everything into their next gen lines?  I bet not too long in a mad dash for cash.  The reaction?  I do not know.  I know I will be advising clients VERY CAREFULLY now in this regard.  Most of my clients software isn’t validated for Win 8.x much less Windows 10.  Folks if you are looking at new hardware you need to contact ETC Maryland.  I keep a close eye on the hardware industry and how it ties into your business.  If you buy the wrong hardware at the wrong time it will cost you much more than it needs to.