Remember my webhosting post about a new client with a messed WordPress transfer?  I finally got rid of the Godaddy code injection but several of the plugin images inside the administrative interface would not display.  It turns out there was another security plugin that I have had a run-in with before.  That plugins name is all in one WordPress security.  It may be a good plugin but it causes issues in a hurry if things go even a bit sideways:

  1.  The plugin freaks out if you move the site to another host without deactivating it first
  2.  The plugin really messes with file permissions.
  3.  The plugin is extremely invasive.

I first had to deactivate all plugins first by directly accessing the database to remove all traces of this plugin just so the site would come online at all.  Once i did that I then had to manually remove all of the plugin files from the account.  This then allowed the site to come online.  I have been trying to figure out the remaining permissions issues ever since the last post.  The Google Chrome inspection tool was integral in diagnosing  the permissions problems that remained.  Every file and every directory had to be manually  reset to get the rest of the errors cleared up.  This is not the first time i have had issues with this plugin.  If you want extra WordPress security I recommend the Wordfence plugin.