I have watched the WWDC keynote from Apple twice so far and I am going to watch it again.  There are some very compelling features for the ecosystem.  I watched the Twit coverage of the keynote(after I watched it live) and even Leo who is a big fan expressed concerns over the large amount of lockin that Apple is continuing to do.  I have always been leery of Apple for its lockin but I do concede that they are at least making the lockin compelling.  As Andy Ihnatko commented during Twits coverage that lockin is not necessarily a bad thing once they establish the conveniences for it’s existence.  Much to Apple’s credit they are definitly making the lockin convient..I am not sure I want to hop into it full force.  I do like the Apple watch 911 feature though.  Of course it requires an Iphone to work and honestly unless there’s an Android manufacturer I feel I can live with between now and when my Nexus 6 goes out of support I will be activating my IP6+.  If I do that I might buy an Apple watch just to test out how the 911 feature and if it works well.  I have zero thoughts of moving from the pc to apple right now though..not going to happen.  Too many things I can do on the PC I simply cannot do well or at all on the Mac.  Since the hardware under the hood is the same as a PC if the software isn’t compelling there’s no reason to switch.

Apple has finally started to EOL hardware too.  Apple has heroically kept the Iphone 4 and 4s going for 5 years…unlike Android which can take perfectly good hardware and “brick” it after as little as 18 months.  However the axe finally falls(deservedly so) on some older Apple hardware.  IOS will NOT support anything lower than the Iphone 5 on the phone side and nothing lower than the Ipad 4th gen on the ipad side.  Considering how Slow the IPAD2 has become under IOS 9, which is over 5 years old itself, it is time to send some of these devices to the pasture.

So what does Apple support in detail with IOS 10?

Iphone: 6s, 6s+, 6, 6+, Iphone SE, 5s, 5c, 5

IPAD: 4thgen, Air, Pro, mini 2, mini 3, mini 4

Ipod touch 4th gen

Any mobile device not on this list will NOT get IOS 10 and is effectively end of life as of this fall.  If you have any questions please contact us.  I will be happy to address any questions you have going forward.