Ever since Microsoft started “giving away” Windows 10 I figured something was up.  As i said in an earlier post there is no way Microsoft is going to give away nearly a third of their base income at the time without some way to make it back.  With the recently announced Enterprise subscription this prediction is slowly coming true.  Microsoft is using the frog in the the pot technique…for right now the windows subscription is optional for enterprises.  I am sure this will become mandatory and eventually consumers will be paying for new features on their computers.  I noticed this theme a while back when I started seeing mentions of Windows as a service(sometimes dubbed Windows365).  I do not have a timetable on this but Microsoft will do this slowly enough most folks not only do not notice..but simply will pay just to keep things going as they are.  The status quo is a powerful force.  I have tried windows 10 on my dual monitor setup and one of quite a few things that still persists:

  1.  Edge and other built in programs refuse to start anywhere but the main screen
  2. The start menu database bug still rears its head.  The only fix i have had work is a complete reinstall
  3. There is still no way to completely block the “telemetry” data.
  4. I have seen Windows 10 freeze more than a few times while thrashing the storage subsystem.  This is on machines with less than 8 gigs of ram.
  5. Microsoft continues to push driver updates down on computers that break things.
  6. Microsoft continues to make annoying things like candy crush unable to be removed or disabled and only allowing this level of control available on Enterprise versions(which is moving towards a subscription model)
  7. The entire Get Windows 10 debacle.

Of course unless you have a computer custom built it is difficult to avoid the Windows 10 tax.  This is why I run Windows 10 only on my surface and my older laptop.  Windows 10 simply doesn’t function reliably enough for me to be able to trust it.  Windows 7 still has its issues true…but it runs very very well in just about any environment.  Windows 10 still has some basic functionality issues that need tog et fixed before I will recommend it as an option over Windows 7.