The internet is buzzing with “news” of a potential problem with the Apple Iphone 6+ devices with two chips on its main logic board.  One of my vendors alerted me to this more than a year ago.

John O’Rangers of CDC Cellular Repair in Frederick, Maryland is the person I turn to when it comes to in depth hardware knowledge of these amazingly complex devices.

Over a year ago I was looking at phones for my family and I went to see John to get his advice on the Apple Iphones that were the rage at the time.  I am a big screen guy and my mom wanted a large screen phone as well.  Way before the big sites started sounding the alerts on potential issues with the Iphone 6+ CDC Cellular repair had told me about this potential problem.

How did John know about this issue before the big sites?  Simple.  Unlike many other places John has in depth knowledge of the components that make up the devices and tracks their performance very closely.  John to tablets and cellular devices is akin to a good mechanic.  He takes great pride not only in his job but his craft and strives to constantly upgrade his knowledge in his chosen field.  The outcome was I immediately put my mom’s Iphone 6+ into a case.  My IPhone 6+ went in to bubble wrap as well.

If you want your technology to work correctly you need to talk to local folks who keep their ears to the ground.  ETC Maryland continually evaluates its vendor partners to ensure they have the best products for the right price.  ETC Maryland also prides itself in knowing that if we have a weakness in our portfolio we will partner with high quality vendors who can address that area.  The ongoing partnership between CDC Cellular Repair and ETC Maryland is another example of how the right technology consultant can make sure your technology works for you and not against you.  Contact ETC Maryland with all of your home and business technology questions and concerns today to see how this partnership can help you navigate this modern world of technology.