As noted in my earlier post ETC Maryland has been building and is deploying a new virtualized environment to properly evaluate the flood of new security products coming out from multiple vendors.

The platform consists of a primary Hyper-V host, a primary VmWare host, NAS host, Kali attack server, and a backup webserver to provide failover for the etc-md webhosting server.

Sophos right now is rolling out an entire new stack from the endpoint to the gateway to the cloud for a totally integrated and communicative security solution. I really had no ability to evaluate all of these things properly in a rapid manner.  Virtualizing the  entire stack will allow me to be able to not only utilize the stack but test the stack for usage.  From the ability to not only instlal and use all of the products but be able to attack the infrastructure in multiple ways to properly evaluate the entire security stack.

ETC Maryland continues to take the steps necessary to make sure the latest technologies are being evaluated to make sure you have access to the best technology at a reasonable price.  Quality products aren’t cheap but they do not have to be overpriced either.