In the you do not own your IOT device dept comes a tale of IOT woe.  A IOT Garage Door opener has disabled a customer’s account due to a poor review and an admittedly toxic comment left by said client.  Now the client is effectively locked out of his garage until he can remove the device.  While this does not lock the individual out of the house keep in mind the day is coming when this type of stuff will be literally everywhere.  With the ability for third parties to override your control and the poor state of IOT security in general this is going to snowball in a not good way.  Not trying to be alarmist but the past history of IOT and continues stories like this do not bode well for the near future.  all I can say is make sure you have your IOT setup in its own network away from your internal network and carefully choose what IOT you use. Contacting ETC Maryland to help make sure any IOT you do deploy is setup as best as possible is a good move as well.

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