ETC Maryland continues to enhance its data retention capabilities for all hosting accounts.  ETC Maryland has now added a third backup for all web hosting accounts.  Every night the webservers send a backup to an on premise server inside the datacenter for quick access of first level backups.  The next backup is then sent to an offsite server outside of the datacenter for restoration in case of a fault at the datacenter.  The offsite server then sends a nightly backup to a cloud backup provider providing disaster recovery in case the datacenter AND the offsite backup are both taken offline.  This allows ETC Maryland to provide a 14 day archive for your website data.  ETC Maryland is one of the few web hosting providers in Frederick county that offers this level of data security for your web site without additional charge to the client.  ETC Maryland continues to enhance our webhosting service from free IPV6 allocations at account creation, free basic SSL by Let’s Encrypt, Gzip compression on by default, personalized local service, and now triple backups for your website data all at a highly competitive price against even much larger competitors.  You can see the costs on the rates page.  Contact us for any questions or to sign up for one of ETC Maryland’s website hosting accounts.