When the “free upgrade” to Windows 10 started I felt like something didn’t smell right.  To quote the last paragraph of that 2015 post:

In a way it is a stroke of genius.  How do drug dealers do things?  They give you free taste..get you hooked then drain you dry.  I am not saying I know this for sure but the pieces line up this way.  Unless Microsoft says otherwise that’s the stance I am taking and advising folks to not buy Win10 for TWO years and see what the softies are up to.  Paul Thurott and Mary Jo are trying to say this isn’t a subscription model.  Until Microsoft itself says otherwise I cannot believe them.

I then made a post about Windows365 being trademarked in February 2015 to which I quote from said article:

I wish i could fine the article about waaaay back when Office365 was first coming out somebody on the net said windows is headed the same way as office.   I said earlier it isn’t a matter of IF it’s a matter of WHEN they take windows to the cloud.  Remember my earlier post where i said this giveaway to Windows 10 doesn’t smell right?  If you want to keep your desktop stick with windows 7 until it truly dies in 2020.  Don’t buy into the free Windows 10 upgrade.  It’s a one way ticket to the Microsoft Windows as a Service or Windows365 aka Windows in the cloud.

Since that time Microsoft has repeatedly talked about “Windows As a Service”.  Well guess what?  Microsoft has just officially announced Windows365.  Remember that from earlier in the article?  Office is now always online.  Sure you can buy it outside of Office365…for now..but it is still a cloud based system.  You do not have a disc anymore..just a small program and you download the rest to your machine(mostly).  Office365 has taken off as Microsoft has made it much easier to just subscribe to Office365.  Considering that Windows is now available for optional subscriptions.  The next logical step is to bundle both which they have now completed..  Soon both Windows and Office will only be available by subscription.