Yet another IOT security issue.  this one is actually a remote code exploit so once again a flaw allows IOT devices to get taken over

Two things:

  1. Do not let IOT have access to your internal network.  It MUST be firewalled onto its own network.
  2. Do not allow IOT access to the Internet unless needed..and then you need to configure the firewall to only out communications on the ports it requires to function.
  3. Keep IOT cameras that provide video security off the internet.

I have said multiple times that IOT is yet another bad idea.  IOT heavily leverages the cloud as well.  Two bad ideas that are an ongoing threat to network security.  The cloud and IOT have their uses.  However what the broader industry is pushing them for are not anything remotely connected to network security.  The news is constantly showing how improperly deployed cloud and IOT is destroying any concept of network security due to their inherent flaws and poor execution.  If you want real network security from a company that does not follow the siren song of the latest network fads contact ETC Maryland.